Top industry experts representing agency, advertiser and radio station communities are carefully selected to judge the Crystals. Recent Crystals winners are offered seats on the judging panels first.

To ensure that every entry gets a fair chance, there are two rounds of judging. First, a 24-person panel (8 advertisers, 8 agency creatives and 8 radio station creatives – from east to west coasts) conduct an online elimination round. This industry mix ensures credibility, transparency and fair representation across each stakeholder group.

The second and final judging session will be held independently at a central jury forum in Toronto. Judges will include 4 advertisers, 4 agency creatives and 4 radio creatives. The panel will listen, vote, debate, and re-vote until all winning entries have been chosen. Their decision is final.

Judging Criteria

Main Categories

Judging Considerations

Radio Promo Categories

Judging Considerations

  • Single (Radio)
  • Single (Agency)
  • Campaign (Radio)
  • Campaign (Agency)
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Best Radio Entry from a Small Market (under 100,000)
  • Performance
  • Production—Creative Use of Sound/Music
  • Copywriting
  1. How clearly does the entry demonstrate the benefits that the product or service promises the listener?
  2. How successfully does the entry motivate the targeted listener to take up the Call to Action (purchase the product; or call the phone number; or visit the website, etc.)?
  • Radio Promotion (Single)
  • Radio Promotion (Campaign)
  1. How effective is this entry at urging you to listen - or follow the call-to-action?

NOTE: All Crystals Awards Judges will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in which they promise not to discuss any aspect of the Crystals Awards judging (the procedures, the discussions or the RESULTS).

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