• All entries must have aired on a Canadian radio station between November 2017 and October 2018. Entries from previous years (and past winners) will be disqualified.
  • If duplicate entries are received from different sources the first entry received is accepted.
  • The Crystals Awards Committee’s decisions regarding categories and eligibility are final. The Crystals Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in the event that payment is not received.
  • Entries are only accepted online.
  • DOUBLE CHECK ALL NAMES AND SPELLING. The Entrant is responsible for correct listing of names along with the spelling and titles that are to be listed on the award. The Crystals Awards Committee has no control over editing credits.
  • Complete and submit one entry for each commercial or campaign entered.
  • Ensure that appropriate entry fee is paid.
  • Remove engineer slates. Please DO NOT waste the judges’ time.
  • SINGLE ENTRIES: One spot, length must not exceed TWO minutes.
  • CAMPAIGN ENTRIES: 2-3 spots, in one mp3, total length must not exceed SIX minutes. Please ensure entries are recorded at optimal audio levels.
  • Please ensure that everyone involved is appropriately credited.
  • Non-English entries must be accompanied by an English translation. Please save translation as .pdf and upload with your entry creative files.
  • All entries will be retained for use by the Crystals Awards.
  • The entrant waives the rights of the commercial to be reproduced for not-for-broadcast purposes at the discretion of the Crystals Awards Committee.
  • Entries that fail to comply with these directives risk ineligibility.




*All prices in Canadian Dollars


PSA Category: ONE entry fee will be waived if the entering company is a non-profit organization. You must include your valid Charity License number on the entry form to be eligible. Limit: one free entry per charity. Entries from a third party representative are not eligible for fee exemption.

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